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April 2010

Friday, April 30th, 2010

April had 3 shows for me starting with the Heights First Saturday Art Market, then the Cross Creek Ranch Art Festival, then the Bellaire Arts Festival.  All the shows were okay for me.  Not great, not bad.  Here are some pictures of the setup of Cross Creek Ranch and Bellaire. 

Full setup at Bellaire. You can see the cups hanging down from the boards up top.Delafield Pottery Setup at Cross Creek RanchNew Boards added for cups and bowls.Setup at Bellaire.  Always have rice bowls on the top shelf.







The following are some different things I have made in the past couple of months.

Pie PanTree plate based on the nice pottery at Benihana's.







Large vase / bottle shapes.Garlic containers







Thanks for looking.  Come see me at the next First Saturday Show in the Heights.